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Future Events

  • Etamui prequel – Operation: ReForge
    Pre-registration open now! Please see below for details.
    When: Saturday, April 28th, 2018, 10:30am-6:30pm
    Where: The Bakery in downtown Denver
  • Nurani prequel –
    When: Summer 2018
    Where: TBD
  • Temet Nosce 0: Beta Game Opener
    When: Fall 2018
    Where: TBD

Upcoming Event

Our next event is Temet Nosce Prequel: Operation: ReForge. It’s on Saturday, April 28th, 2018, from 10:30am to 6:30pm, at The Bakery in downtown Denver.

We need character surveys as soon as possible; we start writing characters in March so we can get them to you at the beginning of April. If you aren’t able to pay for your ticket until later, you can always submit your survey now and pay closer to the event day.

This is a freeform live-action roleplaying game (or LARP) written in the Progressive (“Nordic”) style for 15-30 players. Operation: ReForge is a one-shot, day-long futuristic cyberpunk LARP written in a collaborative roleplaying style. Participants will play one of the inventive, transhumanist Etamui gathered in the underbelly of glitzy Celestial Station to plot and organize a revolution, with opportunity for interpersonal drama, cybernetic hacking, adventure, mystery, and tragedy. The goal of Operation: ReForge is to collaboratively create and experience a taste of the Temet Nosce setting in general and the Etamui in specific while exploring themes of societal tension, revolution, and reflections on the nature of what makes us human. Each player gets a rough character backstory from which to build relationships, conflict, and drama; from there, you customize the character to your liking.

Read about the Etamui, or find all posts about the setting of Temet Nosce.


Tickets are $45, which includes lunch and snacks. Due to space limitations, there are only 30 tickets available, so purchase your ticket as soon as possible to reserve your space! If you purchase a ticket and then can’t make it, please cancel with us as soon as possible so we can make your spot available to other potential players. Full refunds (minus any PayPal processing fees) are available until April 25th.

Buy tickets here, and don’t forget to fill out your character survey!

If you need a different method of payment, please email us at owners@temetnoscelarp.org.


Make sure to fill out a survey about your play style and the kind of character you’d like to play. The Temet Nosce team will cast everyone into characters with a web of interconnected relationships, drama, politics, and backstories. The earlier you get your survey to us, the sooner we can get you your character. Later survey submissions will possibly take longer to receive characters for, or we may not be able to provide you with a character quite as tailored to your preferences. If you’re not happy with the character, we’ll work together to tweak the background to something you’d enjoy more.

Temet Nosce Character Survey


Players arrive at 10:30am. While we finish setting up the space, there will be workshops on safety and meta mechanics, character building, and  establishing connections. The game itself will run for three to four hours, after which we’ll run structured debriefs out-of-character.

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