Fanseeth: Transmission from Aiye Titun


Aiye Titun Shift 5 Bravo, Day 120, personal account of Jing Myneer:

We started a search of Protoclade 1537 today. The protoclade itself is on the older side, but initial dating indicates that it was one of the last abandoned, and there are still some rooms that look to be fully sealed. We preparing extraction teams now to make sure that there’s no damage to the interior when we breach them.

In the opening chamber we found some old fragments of pottery—they look like ceramic tablets—with writing on them. Who would have thought that buried in all of these old ruins from the earliest settlements we’d find records engraved on pottery? Why would they write anything in ceramic at all, let alone produce a ceramic tablet for writing? We haven’t found anything like that in the other protoclades we’ve entered.

The shards are broken and partially fragmented, it looks like maybe they were slammed into by something blown by the wind, but they are certainly still legible. We’re sending the text over to the lab to have it analyzed, because none of us recognize the language it is written in. The tablets have been the most excitement we’ve had in a while around here.

Like in some of the other last-abandoned protoclades we did find some remnants of skeletons, mostly eaten away by the elements. Per protocol, we’re sending those remnants back to the labs on Kala Station, for whatever good that will do. We’re hoping to find more information on what may have killed so many in some of the sealed chambers, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Two more 30 day cycles and I can get off this rock and go home.


Written by: David H. Clements