Hybrid Mechanics for Operation: ReForge

For today’s #MechanicsMonday let’s discuss the way we will be doing certain challenges in our rule system (this has bearing on the upcoming Etamui game as well as for the main game). Specifically, we’re going to talk about our hybrid or either/or skills.

In many games we talk about “soft skills” versus “hard skills.” Soft skills are the ones that exist on your character sheet or that otherwise you as a player may not have, but your character does (“I can open this lock because I have a skill called lockpicking”), hard skills are skills that you actually need in the physical world (“I can open this lock because I know how to pick locks”). Most LARPs have a mixture of these along with skills that you need to have both (“I can pick this lock IG because I have both the character attribute and the OOG skill”).

For our game, we are going to have both some soft and some hard skills, but we also are going to have some hybrid skills where you can apply either a soft skill (at a resource cost) or your hard skill in order to overcome a challenge.

For example, you may have to get past a door that requires a puzzle to solve. Some doors you may absolutely need to solve the puzzle, but in some cases you may have a skill that allows you to sacrifice some resource (e.g., “2 Air,” in Accelerant terms) in order to get an easier puzzle or even to bypass the puzzle altogether.

The same will go for many of our physical challenges and things like lockpicking. We will aim to provide skills to allow players to bypass these or deal with an easier version if you have the skill and (sometimes: or) are willing to sacrifice the resources required.