Children of Earth: Fleet and Ship Positions

The Children of Earth originated as businesses and corporations, and that remains visible in their job titles. Rather than admirals, they have directors; the captain of a ship is also called the CEO, or chief executive officer; and so on.

Faction Leadership

  • Great Fleets leader: Chair Myra Florez
  • Elder Caravans leader: President Shann Kecoa
  • Sponsored leader: Speaker Fara Shathar
  • United Fleets leader: Representative Sun Garchia

Fleet Positions

  • Director: The leader of a Fleet, generally the Captain of the fleet’s flagship.
  • Board of Elders: A group of elders who either inherit the role along family lines (as with the Elder Caravans or Great Fleets) or are elected to that role by the elders of their fleet. They advise the Director and can even counter the Director’s decisions if they strongly disagree. There’s a Board of Elders for each fleet or caravan, and some individual ships also treat their elders as a Board for the ship.

Ship Positions

Very small ships such as some Sponsored ships only have these positions, and sometimes an individual will hold multiple positions. Larger ships have individual roles for the many duties required on board. Many of the day-to-day duties are handled by all inhabitants (cleaning, cooking, cargo loading/unloading/organization), but individuals are often in charge of coordinating and managing those duties to ensure it all gets done.

  • Captain or CEO (Chief Executive Officer): Usually referred to as “Captain”. The captain or CEO is the face of the ship and manages the overall function of the ship as a whole. In some ships, zir duties are primarily to handle communications with other ships and represent the ship to others. In other ships, zie is much more involved with regular operations. Zie is in charge of intrafleet relations and interfleet relations especially.
  • COO (Chief Operations Officer): Usually referred to as “Chief”. She manages the business side of the ship: trade negotiation and agreements, finalizing deals with system-bound trade partners, and inter-system relations.
  • Treasurer or CFO (Chief Financial Officer): Usually referred to as “Treasurer”. He handles accounting, financial planning, risk management, and risk assessment.
  • HR (Human Resources): They are responsible for maintaining ship morale, happiness, and harmony. They organize festivals, fun, matchmaking, social events with other ships, childrearing, meals, and education.
    • On larger ships, the roles of childrearing/education, meal organization and preparation, and festival planning is handled by separate individuals woring under HR.
  • CTO (Chief Technical Officer): Usually referred to as “C.T.” The CTO is in charge of engineering, mechanics, the technical health of the ship, maintenance, and upgrades.
    • On larger ships, engineering, maintenance, communications, and mechanics are handled by several individuals working under the CTO.
Writing credit: Dani Higgins